EIT Health Innovation Days promote health innovation among university students through one-to-two-day programmes held at academic institutions around Europe. Students receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools and work in multidisciplinary teams to tackle real life health challenges posed by EIT Health projects, local organisations and private corporations. Successful teams will receive resources to develop their ideas, and students from the regions EIT Health serves will be encouraged to get involved with our network.

Innovation Days are accessible to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD students with an interest in healthcare innovation. Between 28 October-10 November 2019, partners from six EIT Health Co-Location Centres and 13 RIS Hubs will host their own i-Days at 32 locations around Europe.

Winning i-Day teams will then be invited to a Winners Event, where they meet peers from all participating i-Day universities. At this event, students will be given support and resources to further develop their ideas, and they will also receive more training in innovation methodology. The i-Days are conceived as a first step for students on the health innovation pathway. They encourage hundreds of students across European CLCs to join the EIT Health network.

EIT Health Innovation Days on Medical University of Gdansk

The Innovation Days initiative involves both the academic environment of all Tri-city universities, including lecturers, students, graduates and PhD students, as well as the business ecosystem (start-ups, companies, entrepreneurship and social engineering trainers).

The idea of the venture is based on the selection of 10 multidisciplinary teams (3-4 persons) with complementary competences (among others: students of medical studies, IT, social and management sciences), which will take part in a competition on topics related to ‘Bringing Care Home’. During two blocks of workshops, participants will gain knowledge about ‘Design thinking’ – the process of stimulating creative solutions and ‘Pitching’ – a concise form of idea audio-visual presentation. Groups will have the opportunity to present their ideas / prototypes in front of the jury.