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We invite all students, graduates and PhD students from Tri-city universities to take part in the competition.

EIT Health Innovation Days is a regular event organized by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in health in 6 EIT Health Co-Location Centres and in 13 Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS Hubs) around Europe. In Poland, this role acts Medical University of Gdańsk by the MUG’s Technology Transfer Office.


EIT Health Innovation Days on Medical University of Gdansk

The Innovation Days initiative involves both the academic environment of all Tri-city universities, including lecturers, students, graduates and PhD students, as well as the business ecosystem (start-ups, companies, entrepreneurship and social engineering trainers).

The idea of the venture is based on the selection of 10 multidisciplinary teams (3-4 persons) with complementary competences (among others: students of medical studies, IT, social and management sciences), which will take part in a competition on topics related to ‘Bringing Care Home’. During two blocks of workshops, participants will gain knowledge about ‘Design thinking’ – the process of stimulating creative solutions and ‘Pitching’ – a concise form of idea audio-visual presentation. Groups will have the opportunity to present their ideas / prototypes in front of the jury.

Judges as representatives of various environments and disciplines (professors of Tri-city universities, psychologists, entrepreneurship trainers, businessmen) will select three winning teams. The group prizes include: Gold Award – 1500 PLN (in educational vouchers), Silver Award – 900 PLN (in educational vouchers), Bronze Award – 600 PLN (in educational vouchers). The winners of the first prize will also participate in ‘Winners event’, organized by Imperial College in Paris on the 1st of December and have a chance to compete for the main prize among the laureates from 6 EIT Health Co-Location Centres and other 12 regional centers (RIS). Travel and accomodation costs will be provided.

Jury members:

  1. Karolina Lipińska, Deputy Director Department of Economic Development in Pomeranian Marshal’s Office
  2. Professor Jacek Bigda, Vice-Rector for Development and Education, Medical University of Gdansk
  3. Professor Janusz Nieznański, Rector’s Representative for Internationalisation and Innovation, Gdansk University of Technology
  4. Professor Krzysztof Bielawski, Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, University of Gdansk
  5. PhD Michał Pikuła, Deputy Director of First MUG Doctoral School, Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Gdansk
  6. PhD Tomasz Szymczak, CEO, Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation
  7. Marcin Lenkiewicz, Co-founder, Qpony.pl